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General reconstruction of the Michael´s Tower

Múzeum zbraní
Since 1 December 2020, the Bratislava City Museum has been closing the Michael´s Tower - the Museum of Arms for approximately two years. The reason for the closure is the long-awaited general renovation of an architecturally rare building in the historic city center.

The upcoming general reconstruction came at the right time and Michael´s Tower rightly deserves it. The main investor is the General Investor of Bratislava, who has already selected a contractor. More than € 1,200,000 is to be reinvested from a subsidy from the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and the capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, the founder of MMB.

The museum plans to prepare a completely new exposition in the renovated premises, which will bring the fortification system of the city closer, using the most modern technologies and will be interactive. We strive for accessibility in terms of creating a comfortable museum for the blind, deaf. We imagine the new museum friendly to all visitors.
Responsible: Beáta Husová
Created / changed: 30.11.2020 / 30.11.2020


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