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Bratislava, the capital 1919 - 2009

International conference on the above topic.
4th – 5th November 2009, Mirror Hall of the Primate’s Palace
Conference Guarantor: Elena Kurincová


 Bratislava, the capital 1919 - 2009 

Conference on the 90th anniversary of the inclusion of Bratislava into the Czechoslovak Republic

Organiser: Bratislava City Museum
Co-organiser: Bratislava, Capital of the Slovak Republic

History Institute of the SAS Bratislava

Place: Mirror Hall of the Primate’s Palace

4th – 5th November 2009, Bratislava


90 years ago, Bratislava was declared the capital of Slovakia. During the 20th century, the position of Bratislava as the focal point of Slovakia was ambiguous and underwent a number of changes. The conference intends to direct attention to the political, ethnic and social changes, and also the changes in urbanisation which proceeded over several states and regimes. The conference topics have been selected not only for historians and museum employees but also for demographers, ethnologists, sociologists, city planners and research scientists in the field of art and culture. Contributions to the conference will be published in the Proceedings of the Bratislava City Museum, Bratislava, 21, 2009.


Main topics of the conference:

Wanted and not wanted capital of Slovakia across the 20th century. Preconditions and actual status of Bratislava as the cultural centre of Slovakia. Advantages and disadvantages of the geographically peripheral status of the capital (the ex-centricity of Bratislava). Cultural differences of the autochthonous inhabitants and immigrants in the period between the wars (Prešporok versus Czechoslovak society). Identification marks of Bratislavans and visitors to Bratislava in the past and in the present. Immigration opportunities to the Bratislava area in the period between the wars and during socialism. Social aspects of migration during socialism (blocks of flats, e.g. in Petržalka). Myths about the capital during the period of socialism – “Beauty on the Danube” and Bratislava, the “City of Peace”. Trends in the urbanisation of the city between the wars and during socialism.


Key dates:

31st March 2009 –Call for papers

31st August 2009 – deadline for submission of abstracts

31st October 2009 – deadline for submission of papers for publishing (if appropriate)

4th -5th November 2009 – conference

Contact: Elena Kurincová, Bratislava City Museum, Radničná 1, 815 18 Bratislava.

Tel.: 02/32181363, e-mail: kurincova@bratislava.sk

Responsible: Beáta Husová
Created / changed: 6.4.2009 / 6.4.2009


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