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Múzeum mesta Bratislavy - Official website



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The Bratislava City Museum

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Keeping the city’s history for one hundred and forty years


The Bratislava City Museum!

 Keeping the city’s history for one hundred and forty years


Modern premises for communication, information, education and a place for people to meet.

An ancient place which conserves and protects the cultural and historical heritage of artefacts and which records the events of the city which make up its history.

This is the service that the Bratislava City Museum (BCM or MMB in Slovak) has provided for Bratislava’s residents and also for all domestic and foreign visitors to Bratislava for 140 years.

In its communications with the public, the museum uses the standard methods such as exhibitions, discussions, lectures, displays in museums, articles and publications but also, to an ever increasing extent, via its web pages or its virtual museum.

It began recording its own history in 1868 in books, the pages of which have now become yellow with age. In 2008, at a time when computer use is widespread and advanced, events and important records are stored on compact discs.


Nowadays, the current Bratislava City Museum operates between these apparent contraries.

The museum, with its activities focused on serving the citizens of Bratislava, has lived for all the residents of Bratislava and its Slovak and foreign visitors alike for what is now the 140th year of its continuous existence.

BCM/MMB is the oldest museum within the territory of Slovakia. It is the best museum especially in respect of its large number of unique collections, important events and the stories of dedicated external and internal professionals and also the general public who together create the museum.


The current perception is that the museum is a platform for life-long education, for meeting and for communication between people. A useful dialogue with a visitor leads to the establishment of a closer relationship between people of all ages. The museum is a multi-functional cultural institution.


         The museum protects and conserves items from its collection for future generations           

         The museum presents the cultural heritage it has conserved through exhibitions, interactive events and cultural and educational programmes

         In an informal way the museum educates pupils and students from elementary, secondary schools and universities and also the public in the broadest sense of the term through classes on methodology and special educational programmes.



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Created / changed: 18.7.2008 / 18.7.2008


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