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I am a child of the fifties – interviews with personalities

Personalities from different professions talk about their life experiences from the perspective of a child of the fifties.


The aim of the interview is to encourage the audience – Second Grade students from Elementary Schools and GeneralSecondary Schools – to enter into discussion with an adult and gain some information about him or her. The person interviewed has his or her own photographs from that time when he or she was a child. In addition to the verbal exchange, it creates a visual opportunity to compare childhood as it was in the 20th century and as it is in the 21st century.

Dates and introduction of the interviewees:

First stop: 7th November 2006, 10 a.m. the Old Town Hall  

Mária Chmielová, M.D.

Mária Chmielová, M.D. is a woman with a deeply rooted empathy. Well, she is a doctor, that’s how she is expected to be. However, she is exceptional for she did not just cure children’s bodies - she also healed their souls. So all the mothers say. They came to see the doctor full of trust. Every mother will agree with me that with fear in her eyes she describes an illness of her child and looks trustfully at a doctor. Undoubtedly, medical doctor Chmielová remembers the concerned eyes of the worried parents of sick children and the sad eyes of suffering children.

She started her professional career very early; at the age of 17 she began her university study at the Faculty of Medicine. Following her first and second attestations, her work forced her to continue her medical education. Gradually, other areas of expertise appeared in her curriculum vitae: specialisation in paediatrics for the practice, social medicine, management in medicine, medical reviews.  She herself says: All this was necessary; in medicine, it cannot be otherwise ... And so she gradually became principal medical doctor in Karlova Ves, then regional children’s medical doctor in Bratislava –city and, in addition to this, she worked at the children’s clinic at Kramáre.

Mária Chmielová, M.D. as we, the museum workers, know her, because she was our colleague briefly, is an optimist whose heart beats for other people. We love her and that is why we very much look forward to this discussion. And as she understands the soul of a child  very well, you, children, can look forward to meeting her, too. She will share her childhood as she experienced it in the fifties with you with pleasure.

Sec ond stop: 14th November 2006, 10 a.m. the Old Town Hall 

PhDr. Pavel Habaň (Doctor of Philosophy), the author of the display: Welcome and keep your shoes on, please

The presence ofPavel Habáň fills the atmosphere of the discussion with ease, wit and optimism. His listeners will feel that life is just a big beautiful adventure although it also has its sad moments. He is undoubtedly a personality, an exceptional personality on account of his optimism. His talent was further developed in his home town in Uherské Hradište. He studied and graduated from a secondary school of art where he specialised in artistic ceramics. In 1974 - 1978, he studied enthnography at the Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University in Bratislava. After graduation he worked briefly in the Slovácke regional museum in Uherské Hradište; however he returned to Bratislava and worked in the then Slovak Institute for  National Heritage Care and Nature Protection. From 1987 he worked in the Slovak National Museum (SNM) in Bratislava as an expert in militaria. As Ladislav Mlynka writes: “He is becomimg a dedicated and ethusiastic expert” in this area.

In 1989 he founded the Club of the History of Aviation as part of the Museum of History of SNM in Bratislava. The task of the Club was to discover and document aeroplanes which were shot down or crashed in the territory of Slovakia during World War II. In 1993, due to his extensive knowledge and proficiency, he was appointed a legal expert in a branch of antiquities – historic weapons. In 1997, he became an entrepreneur and opened a delightful antique shop and Classic gallery in MichalskáTower. Various period items which have, over the decades, changed their function can be found here. Objects in daily use have become precious artefacts to make our ordinary lives joyful.

Pavel Habáň radiates his charisma not only in his kingdom in MichalskáTower but also in his seminars; he also publishes articles. You, as the guests of the BratislavaCityMuseum, can admire his invention and proficiency in the above-mentioned display with the subtitle The way we lived in the fifties. Dear friends - Welcome and keep your shoes on, please...

The third stop: 21st November 2006, 10 a.m. the Old Town Hall    

Eva Hyrossová, a teacher  

Eva Hyrossová, a teacher, devoted her life to children, the teacher’s desk and chalk. These key-words conceal stories about children which intermingle through school-life and are inseparable from each other. To find the right proportion of sensitivity and kindness and strictness is the greatest art of a teacher. Ms. Hyrossov á knows all about it.

She graduated from a secondary school of teacher training. In 1956, before her graduation, she signed a work contract as a Slovak teacher at the HungarianElementary School in Štvrtok na Ostrove. After short breaks for her maternity leaves, in 1959, she again started working in elementary schools in Bratislava, amongst them also in a hospital school.

After the change of regime in Slovakia, she worked at the Religious School of St. Ursula. Her long service and devoted work were rewarded. The Ministry of Education of the SlovakRepublic awarded her the Memorial Medal of J. A. Komenský.

For all her life, she has worked hard, step-by-step filling the minds of the youngest pupils with basic knowledge. This is evidence of her patience. Her gentle smile which still appears in her face, has masked her own feelings and worries. A teacher is a sort of actor because her or his real role behind a teacher’s desk has to be performed and there is never a repeat. Every lesson is unique. A pupil must be enticed and a mutual trust created between  teacher and pupil and sometimes it is not just teaching - it is also listening and helping. And it is here where the generosity of teacher Hyrossová is concealed; she undoubtedly is one of the personalities of ordinary everyday life without any gloss of glory.

Other meetings in preparation:

14th November 2006, 21st November 2006,   28th November 2006

5th December 2006, 12th Deecember 2006

9th January 2007, 16th January 2007,  23rd January 2007



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