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Educational programme
20th September 2006 – 4th February 2007, exhibition venues of the MMB Bratislava City Museum, the Old Town Hall


dievca pise

The project Welcome and keep your shoes on, please is an accompanying educational programme which supplements, illustrates and makes the display with the same title and subtitle The way we lived in the fifties more vivid. It is a package of creative activities comprising interactive assisted excursions based on the dialogue between visitors and the museum education officer.


This is a creative extension of the teaching syllabus for lessons of history, society and civics at Elementary Schools and GeneralSecondary Schools. It extends the education and knowledge of pupils, their communication skills and helps orientate them in the history. In the project, the lives of children and young people in the fifties are compared with the current lives of children and young people. The way of life then and today is contrasted. It leads to historical awareness and critical thinking on the part of pupils. Symbolically, it uses as a background the Zornička magazine and the Mladé Letá publishing house which were founded in the fifties and, still today, contribute to the cultural awareness of generations of readers.

  • Themes of the educational programmes


         A real talk with my friend Zornička, an assisted excursion              

          Years 2- 5 of Elementary School

          Youthful years with Mladé Letá publisher

         Years 6 – 9 of Elementary School and GeneralSecondary School

         I am a child of the fifties, interviews

         Years 6 – 9 of Elementary School and GeneralSecondary School


          Programme bookings, groups of school children

           MMB Bratislava City Museum, the OldTown Hall, Tel.: 00421 2 592 05 135       

          Maximum number of children for programmes: 30

          Maximum number of children for interviews: 70

          Programmes are held on:

           Tuesday – Friday from 10 a.m.

  • Individual visits


            For individual visits of children, interactive activities and plays are prepared in the display venue, in  the area for child visitors

  • The project was prepared by:
  • Author of the project: Beáta Husová
  • Performed by: Beáta Husová, Justína Striešová
  • The project is financially supported by ART BRATISLAVENSIS Grant Programme of the Capital of the SlovakRepublicBratislava.
  • The project is supported by the SPP Fund in cooperation with the University Library in Bratislava, the Zornička periodical and the Mladé letá publisher.
  • Presentations of the programmes for educationalists

          20th September 2006, the OldTown Hall, 9 a.m.

         A real talk with my friend Zornička

          21st September 2006, the OldTown Hall, 9 a.m.  

         Youthful years with Mladé Letá publisher

nad globusom Beata hula

Responsible: Beáta Husová
Created / changed: 21.1.2007 / 21.1.2007


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