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This contains works from the studios of Bratislava photographers: Kozics, Körper, Kraus, Fink, Mailáth, Mindszenty, Strelisky, Marian and other photographers from Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest as well as photographers from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the wider Central European region from the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.


There are mainly views of Bratislava, the castle, the Danube, the river banks, streets, squares, important buildings, exteriors and interiors, details of architecture, parks, memorial places, tombs, plastic arts and reliefs of important people, members of the Imperial family, events, natural disasters as well as studio portraits.


It also comprises a collection of individual photographs and a complex album of works by a former employee of the MMB (BratislavaCityMuseum), Jozef Hofer, dating from 1925 to1945 which is remarkable for its variety of unusual subjects.


Other photographs from the 20th century relating to Bratislava are classified by topic: portraits, group photographs, reproductions of paintings, displays of the MMB (BratislavaCityMuseum), exhibitions, events, photographs of technical buildings and objects, aerial views, blocks of flats, streets, squares, river banks, important buildings, sacred buildings and objects.

Responsible: Beáta Husová
Created / changed: 20.1.2007 / 20.1.2007


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