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This documents the literary traditions in Bratislava dating mainly post-1918. The resource contains books published in Bratislava or by authors who lived and worked here, literary magazines published in Bratislava, photographs of writers and literary events held in the city. The resource is supplemented with pamphlets, fliers and programmes of cultural events, manuscripts and correspondence of literati.


The basis of the literary collection is the personal resource of the writer, Janko Jesenský, which was acquired from the SlovakNationalMuseum in 1958. It comprises his library, manuscripts, correspondence and personal effects.


An independent literary resource was in the course of being created at the start of the nineteen-sixties following the acquisition of the personal resources of Jozef Gregor-Tajovský and Hana Gregorová. It contains equipment from their flat and items of personal use of the writers.


A large group of items in the collection are the personal resources of Slovak writers - Štefan Králik, Ján Poničan, Emil Boleslav Lukáč, Ladislav Novomeský, Valentín Beniak, Andrej Kostolný, Ján Hrušovský and Ľudo Zúbek.


Other personalities whose personal resources are deposited in the Literary Resource of the MMB (BratislavaCityMuseum) are Ján Levoslav Bella, a musical composer; Andrej Bagar, an actor and Jarko Ellen-Kaiser, a librettist. Also of interest are exhibits of ex libris and special editions by Karol Izakovič-Podolinský and photographs by Irena Blühová.


Responsible: Beáta Husová
Created / changed: 20.1.2007 / 20.1.2007


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