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Most of the museum’s highly- prized artistic and historic artefacts are to be found within the collection of artisanal crafts.


The most numerous is the collection of ceramics (Haban, Holíč and western-Slovak folk faience, Slovak and German stoneware, earthenware and china from various European china producers, as well as modern ceramics from the 20th century including masterworks of painters); functional and decorative glass objects from the 18th to the 20th centuries and sacred items (especially sculpts, textile, reliquary and works from monasteries) originating mainly from Bratislava churches and monasteries. There is a smaller collection of stone statues of saints from Bratislava Calvary from the 18th and 19th centuries.


In the typologically varied collection of historic clocks from the 17th to the 20th centuries, products made by local clock makers predominate, supplemented with the collection of clock-making tools and aids used in clock-workshops. Also highly-prized are paintings on glass, engraved honey-bread and blueprint-moulds, items made from precious metals and jewels.

Metal-processing artisanal crafts such as smiths and locksmiths are very well-documented. Several works of smiths and lock-smiths (doors, bars, sign-boards, locks, keys and ironworks) and also stone architectural fragments originate from Bratislava buildings, now demolished.

The collection of furniture predominantly from the 19th century is augmented with the collection of historical lighting devices – chandeliers, lamps and candle posts. There is a smaller collection of paintings and drawings mainly of a documentary character with motifs of Bratislava.


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