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 List of employees and their positions:


PhDr. Peter Hyross


contact: +421 2 591 008 12




Mgr. Marta Janovíčková

Deputy Director 

contact: +421 2 591 008 15




Mgr. Beáta Remešová  


contact: +421 2 591 008 12, +421 2 544 347 42 




Specialist department

The department documents the history of Bratislava in accordance with the current regulations. It performs specialist tasks, tasks related to scientific research, specialist-methodological tasks and acquisitions. The department performs the professional processing of the collections, ensures that they are subjected to scientific research, and makes these collections available to the public by means of exhibitions, displays and publishing activity. It carries out basic scientific research by field archaeological research. The department is responsible for the security and administration of collection items.


PhDr. Elena Kurincová

Head of the Department

later history

contact: +421 2 591 008 18



Mgr. Marta Janovíčková

furniture, household equipment

contact: +421 2 591 008 15


Mgr. Anton Fiala

numismatics, artisanal crafts (metal, stone)

contact: +421 2 591 008 29


 Mgr. Zuzana Francová

artisanal crafts (metal, glass, china, clocks); sacred art, fine arts painting, guilds

contact: +421 2 591 008 29


PhDr. Jaroslava Schmidtová

archaeology – the period of the Roman Empire

contact: +421 2 591 008 31 

Ancient Gerulata in Rusovce +421 2 628 59 332


Mgr. Štefan Gaučík, PhD.


contact: +421 2 591 008 34

Mgr. Andrea Jamrichová


contact: +421 259 100 834



Department of Documentation

This department carries out tasks related to the registration of the collections, records new items, lost items, loans and borrowings, restoration and preservation treatments of items from the collection. It heads the central registration of the items in the collection administered by the MMB. It develops and administers the photo-archive, carries out photo-documentation of the collections, exhibitions, displays and presentation events organised by the museum. It documents the activities of the MMB and the MMB library.


Mgr. Marta Janovíčková

Head of the Department


Marta Bukovčáková

administration of photo-documentation, the collection resource of picture-postcards

contact: +421 2 591 008 20


Ing. Júlia Dinušová

contact:+421 2 591 008 30


Ľudmila Mišurová


contact: +421 2 591 008 28


Bc. Jana Štofová

administration of documentation of the collection items, provision of alternative documents

contact: +421 2 591 008 19


Mgr. Monika Šurdová

Head of the MMB library

contact: +421 2 591 008 22 (21) (23)









Department of Restorers

It carries out preservation and restoration work, ensures preventative inspection of collection items in deposits and exhibitions. It collaborates with the organisation of the MMB exhibitions.


Mgr. Jaromír Nožička

Head of the Department

contact: +421 2 434 299 55 material: wood








Mgr.Vladimír Weber

material: metal

contact: +421 2 434 299 55


Mgr.Art. Milan Rubický

material: wood, metal
kontakt: +4212 434299 55

Peter Tomsó

contact: +421 243 429 955   


Department of presentations and education

It administers the museum‘s presentation functions, takes an active part in direct contact with the public through the media. It collaborates in organising exhibitions and publicity events, participates in the planning of exhibitions and programmes. It prepares and carries out educational programmes for elementary and secondary schools and other programmes. It administers the preparation, selection and realisation of advertising materials, oversees storage of the material. It governs the operation of the individual MMB exhibitions; it is responsible for the selection of custodians and providing services to the public.


hDr. Beáta Husová 

Head of the Department

press information, concepts of programmes

contact: +421 2 591 008 17 









Jana Graňová

administration of the operation of exhibitions

contact: +421 2 591 008 26 


Mgr. Justína Striešová

museum teacher trainer

contact: +421 2 591 008 27



Department of Economics

It fully administers the financing of the museum, budgetary, accountancy, statistical and economic analyses. It is in charge of personnel agenda including the payroll.


Natália Boďová

Head of the Department

contact: +421 2 591 008 14 


Mária Belešová 

payroll accountant

contact: +421 2 591 008 24 


Viera Slávičková

finance accountant

contact: +421 2 591 008 25



Operational Department

It is in charge of the material and technical basis of the museum. It maintains the operation of the museum by its own technical staff and by contractors for large-scale maintenance. It inspects the quality of works provided by contractors and it is responsible for appropriate invoicing. It keeps all venues clean, inspects their security, it is responsible for the overall protection and maintenance of the material possessions and provides logistics.


Ing. Peter Rajkovič

Head of the Department

contact: +421 2 591 008 16


Albín Hárši


contact: +421 2 591 008 35


 Dušan Páleníček


contact: +421 2 591 008 35



Devín Castle

National Heritage Site – Slavonic fort

It administers the research and operational functions of the castle. It carries out archaeological research, processing and evaluation of the findings. Its operational function involves providing the site‘s services to the public and security of the site.


Mgr. Katarína Harmadyová, PhD.

Head of the Department



contact: +421 2 657 30 105




Jitka Koňakovská
administration of the operation of the exhibition

e-mail: hrad.devin@centrum.sk

contact: +421 2 657 30 105

Štefan Gaál

service man



Responsible: Beáta Husová
Created / changed: 19.1.2007 / 19.1.2007


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